Thanks to a collaboration with Izizwe Dance Studio in Lawrence, MA, JAE will be offering a summer dance institute in Massachusetts for the first time ever! The Summer Intensive will include one program for elementary students, and another for middle and high school students. All participants will take a wide variety of classes from professional dancers and perform in local public events.

To sign up, please email Izizwe director, Amy Xotyeni, at

Ages 5-12: July 22 - August 2, M - F,  9am - 2pm

Ages 13-18: August 5 - August 16, M - F, 9am - 2pm

The Summer Dance Institute in Lawrence is drawing on the strengths of both JAE and Izizwe in order to offer the following:

  1. Classes in Yoga, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and cultural dance techniques

  2. Literacy-based arts activities, along with creative movement for ages 5-12

  3. Choreography and mind-body awareness workshops for ages 13-18

  4. Nutritious lunch every day for all students

  5. Instruction and performance by professional dancers

  6. Performance opportunities for participants at Lawrence summer community events